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Does concrete absorb water?

By Jake Barnhart | Feb 18, 2019

 That nice new slab of concrete looks pretty good right now, doesn’t it? But fast forward a few years and it might not. Depending on the environment in which it’s installed, the ratio of ingredients in the mix, the time allowed for it to dry when poured, and many other factors, that concrete can chip,…

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Can concrete rot?

By Jake Barnhart | Feb 11, 2019

 While concrete rot does occur, the specifics as to what is actually happening vary. Concrete rot in many cases is diagnosed as the steel reinforcement, or rebar, corroding and expanding inside the concrete itself. A professional inspection is the best way to figure out what is happening and how to fix it, but here are…

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Finishing concrete

By Jake Barnhart | Feb 4, 2019

Concrete is a versatile construction material. It can even be used as decorative flooring, which is where finishing comes into play. What exactly does it mean to finish concrete? Finishing is the step in the setting process that gives concrete a certain color and texture.

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How parking garages are made safe

By Jake Barnhart | Jan 28, 2019

Concrete is the leading choice for construction in the United States because of its strength and durability, and it’s commonly used in parking garages. When you think about it, parking garages are pretty large structures and an interesting way to handle the need for lots of parking in not a lot of space. But if you’ve ever parked in one, you may have questioned if they’re really safe.

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How tuckpointing is done

By Jake Barnhart | Jan 21, 2019

Tuckpointing is a process used in repairing and restoring masonry. Over time, the mortar that holds bricks or stones together will begin to deteriorate. As mortar starts to crack or deteriorate, water can seep into the cracks, compromise the integrity of the brick, and cause major damage to the structure.

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How is concrete made?

By Jake Barnhart | Jan 14, 2019

Concrete is a versatile and strong material that’s used in a variety of construction projects, including foundations, roads, sidewalks, buildings, and parking garages. And it’s made from only three basic ingredients, which makes it all the more impressive.

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The difference between concrete and cement

By Jake Barnhart | Jan 7, 2019

Concrete and cement are two words that are sometimes used interchangeably, but they are actually very different things. Let’s take a look at the difference between concrete and cement.

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Why you might need concrete sealer

By Jake Barnhart | Dec 31, 2018

Concrete is a very strong material that has the potential to last many generations. Like anything else, however, it requires the proper maintenance and care to reach that potential. Sealing concrete can help extend its life and protect it from staining and other damage.

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How does EIFS work?

By Jake Barnhart | Dec 17, 2018

EIFS is the acronym for Exterior Insulated Finishing System, which is a synthetic finish applied over foam sheathing. This exterior wall finishing system is a non-load bearing finish that gives the exterior a stucco-like appearance. There are currently two types of EIFS systems in use: a barrier type and a water-managed version.

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