What are industrial coatings?

If you like to paint then this information may make you a little sad. If you want your commercial building to last a long time and you don’t want to paint it yourself, then your dreams are about to come true.

Industrial coatings are essentially a paint used to cover a wide range of surfaces from concrete floors and steel walls to aluminum cans, frying pans, truck beds, and space crafts. Industrial coatings are a liquid that converts to a solid form, used to cover surfaces in order to protect them from damage and ensure the longevity of your surfaces.

Industrial coatings are different from residential coatings in that they are more substantial because they are designed to be used on surfaces that experience more wear and tear than your average home. Also, residential coatings can be easily applied by the average person whereas industrial coatings are much more difficult and usually require application by a professional to get the best results.

Industrial coatings are needed because they can make your surface weather-resistant or anti-corrosive. They can also make your surface slip or heat-resistant.

Industrial coatings help surfaces last longer, look better, and ensure that the surfaces are serving their purpose in the most effective way possible.

There are numerous types of industrial coatings, used for a wide variety of surfaces, and there is no one solution for any surface need. Selecting the industrial coatings you may need for your specific situation can be complicated.

While Epoxy is often a go-to industrial coating due to its flexibility and ability to withstand abrasion and weathering, it does not hold up well in sunlight and it is usually paired with another type of coating to get the best protection. For example, Polysiloxane is often combined with Epoxy to create a barrier that is very strong and able to excel at abrasion and weather resistance.

Polyurethane is another type of coating and it is great for outdoor applications, but if you have an indoor or underwater surface, this coating might not be the best option.

A good industrial coating to prep your surface with might be Acrylic, as it goes on fast and serves as a barrier, but alone it simply will not be enough to give your surface the type of protection it needs.

It gets even more complex when dealing with metal surfaces, and you may have to use a Zinc-Rich coating which serves as a physical barrier and protects metal surfaces from chemical reactions. This helps with conductivity in metal surfaces.

Alkyd is among the most versatile industrial coatings because it is resistant to a lot of different environments, but it still is not going to be the best or only coating needed for every type of surface.

Since industrial coating selection and processes are so involved, it often takes a professional with a thorough understanding of the options to get the specific job done properly with the right materials.

To make your life easier and protect the integrity of your surfaces, JK Industries can help you choose and apply the industrial coatings that are best for you. Contact us today.