How to waterproof a concrete building

Water is one of concrete’s greatest enemies. Porous in nature, concrete slowly absorbs moisture. It shortens a building’s lifespan by rusting the supporting rebar, shifting the foundation, and eroding the structure itself. Water is everywhere, so waterproofing to shield your facility against unwanted hydration is a must.

Creating a waterproof barrier

Waterproofing a building takes multiple systems working together. Your roof, walls, basement, and foundation should be your dream team for keeping water at bay. To start at the root of water problems, you must begin at the top: your roof. 


Your roof should have a slight slope to drain rain and other forms of precipitation. This slope keeps water from standing and soaking into your structure. Using high-quality waterproof material and coatings in conjunction with physics keep facilities dry. 


Tightly sealed walls create the next barrier of defense against water. Some walls allow for water absorption, such as barrier and drainage walls. Barrier walls will take in some moisture but won’t allow water to penetrate the structure. Adding a layer of protective coating will provide a water shield while creating an ascetically pleasing look and extending the life of your building. These surface-sealed walls won’t absorb any excessive moisture. Drainage walls direct absorbed water to its guttering away from the foundation of the building.

Basement and foundation 

The below-grade waterproofing of your basement and foundation is essential. Groundwater creates significant pressure, pushing water through the most minor of cracks. To avoid water breaches, it is imperative to cure and seal your foundation and coat the outside of the basement. A concrete membrane will further support your structure and keep the water from leaking. The basement’s interior should also be waterproofed and have a drainage system to divert water.

A waterproof structure from top to bottom will give your building a long and structurally sound life. Need help creating your waterproofing plan? JK Industries can help recommend the perfect solution to fit your facility and budget needs!