What is the finish coat on EIFS?

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems—or EIFS—are continuous insulation for residential and commercial spaces. They are not load-bearing because they consist of light layers. These layers give builders the ability to make things look amazing while maintaining building standards.

EIFS have improved over the last few decades. In the 90s, there was a common issue where water would get trapped in the layers, causing structural damage. EIFS have been reworked since then to combat this issue so they can protect buildings instead of harming them. One part of that protection is the finish coat.

Finish coats

The finish coat of an EIFS is where the magic happens. This layer is where we apply different types of material to create the desired look. We can use minerals—such as silica, mica, or stone aggregate—to create the desired outcome. Many people love the look of natural stone, stucco, or brick, but those materials aren’t practical for their location or budget. This is why EIFS are the best of both worlds. We can even create a metallic look if desired, which is very exciting to many of our customers.

While we use different techniques and colors to create different looks, the physical material is always 100% acrylic polymer. While a few are spray-applied systems, most are trowel applied. This ensures the finish is as smooth and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

While EIFS themselves are not prone to shrinkage or leaks, the materials that seal or cover them can have these problems. This is why we recommend regular inspections of EIFS systems. When you catch issues with these systems early on, it is much easier and cheaper to repair.

Choosing the right coating

Each project has different goals, but we have years of experience across multiple industries and situations. If you need a hand with your EIFS, we can help. Contact JK Industries to find out how we can help you.