Protecting your concrete from water damage

Concrete has been used worldwide for centuries to build everything from aqueducts to parking garages. But because concrete is so strong, we don’t often think about the fact that it is porous. Water seeping into your concrete can degrade the steel particles and rust the rebar, causing the concrete to break about or leach its most valuable components. 

While it’s relatively inexpensive, you need to invest in waterproofing or sealing solutions to keep your concrete looking great and structurally sound. 


To seal a piece of concrete, we apply a light coating to the surface. This extends the life of the concrete and can add a shine if desired. We use acrylic, polyurethane, or epoxy when we seal concrete. 

Sealing is typical for above-ground structures or slabs, as it is not meant to be below grade. Its uses can include concrete patios, parking garages, or other applications where you need to keep liquids from sinking into the surface. 


To waterproof concrete, you must seal the minuscule holes in its porous surface, so water doesn’t come in and break down the entire structure over time. This is critical for fountains, splash pads, and pools because they are under constant barrage from water, even if it’s not raining. 

We use sheet and fluid-applied waterproofing methods at JKI, but there are many options if you choose to waterproof your structures. 


Ongoing maintenance, including regular cleaning, can also vastly improve the life of your concrete. Always research what cleaning products are appropriate for your specific needs, and test a small patch first. Similarly, you should regularly check your concrete for cracks. The sooner you deal with these issues, the less likely you will deal with more significant and expensive problems later. 

Contact JK Industries today to get expert help with your concrete. We can lengthen the life of your concrete and protect it from deterioration.