What type of concrete is used for parking garages?

Parking garages are the preferred parking options for densely populated areas. They offer a vertical solution when horizontal space is limited, and they maximize vehicle storage on the property. Have you ever wondered how these structures are made, or what type of concrete is used for parking garages?

Precast concrete vs. cast-in-place concrete for parking garages

The two most common types of concrete used for parking garages are precast and cast-in-place concrete. As the names suggest, precast concrete is formed offsite and delivered at the time of construction. Cast-in-place concrete is poured onsite and left to cure as needed. Both options can yield a durable, reliable parking garage, but one may be better suited for your project. 

Pros and cons of precast concrete

The biggest benefit to precast concrete is that it has been fully cured prior to installation. Also known as pre-stressed concrete, this material is ideal for expedited construction projects. Contractors can work in almost any weather condition because they do not have to worry about the concrete getting wet or drying out too quickly. 

Precast concrete is customizable to a degree, but it may not be flexible enough for all projects. If the parking garage requires a particularly unique design, pre-stressed concrete may not be ideal. This material may also be less expensive upfront, but it may not last as long as cast-in-place concrete. 

Pros and cons of cast-in-place concrete

Cast-in-place or post-tension concrete is poured at the job site. It requires fewer joint lines than precast concrete, making it less subject to cracking or damage. Cast-in-place concrete also lets more light into the parking garage because beams can be spread further apart. 

Cast-in-place concrete takes longer to cure, and it may be more expensive upfront. However, the durability and customization options make this a prime choice for many parking garages. 

How to choose the right parking garage concrete

If you’re constructing a new parking garage, weigh out your options. Compare different construction methods to find what aligns with your budget, goals and timeline. The parking garage experts at JK Industries would be happy to assist you.