How long does exterior waterproofing last?

Exterior waterproofing reduces the risk of foundation shifting, water infiltration, mold, musty odors, and other issues. When done correctly, this process can protect the structure of a building and fortify the construction materials. Waterproofing is not a one-time solution, though. It requires repeat applications over time. Read on to learn how long exterior waterproofing lasts.

The average duration of exterior waterproofing

The lifespan of exterior waterproofing relies on several factors, such as the rainfall in the area, the soil content, the type of waterproofing products used, and the age of the building. On average, exterior waterproofing lasts about ten years. However, it may last longer if sufficient drainage systems are on the property to collect and redirect water from the building.

What’s better: interior waterproofing or exterior waterproofing?

Interior waterproofing addresses water after it has already passed through the exterior materials. Exterior waterproofing blocks the water from getting in altogether. Both can be effective, and they can work in tandem to reduce moisture issues in a building. Nevertheless, exterior waterproofing is the preferred option for commercial buildings because it is proactive vs. reactive. 

It’s important to note that exterior waterproofing may involve excavation around your building. This is less of a concern during the construction stages, but it might be an issue for an existing building. If you’re worried about the application process, interior waterproofing may be a better fit for your needs. 

Is waterproofing actually necessary?

The ground in Oklahoma is notoriously unstable because of the clay in the soil. Water freely moves about when it rains, which leads to foundation shifting and intense water pressure. A building secured with exterior waterproofing can withstand hydrostatic pressure, which means it’s less likely to incur foundation damage. Waterproofing isn’t required by code for many building structures, but it is a wise investment from a security standpoint. 

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