How do you resurface concrete?

Humanity has been using concrete for construction since the time of the Romans. We built everything from homes to skyscrapers with it. But though concrete is durable, it’s not impervious.

Concrete can be damaged by chemicals, weather, deterioration, and other issues. When you start to see signs of wear and tear you need to consider resurfacing. Resurfacing will restore the original beauty of a concrete surface and make it look like it should have originally.

Resurfacing requires an understanding of the process. The process has several steps, and you can’t skip any.

Get conditions right

Weather is essential. Too cold outside and concrete will not cure properly, making a weaker surface or slab. Too hot and you’ll have issues with it too. You need temperatures to be just right. Rain makes concrete hard to deal with unless you’re indoors.

Temperature and humidity will affect different products differently. Read the instructions o your product first. Understand what temperature ranges work well with it.

Clean any surface stains and debris

Concrete chunks and dirt can gather over time in cracks on the surface. Stains from chemicals or other effects can make the surface rough. Sealers and paint will stop a surfacing product from working right. Use brushes and manual methods to clean away any major problem areas, then take a pressure washer to the rest.

Fill everything in

Concrete resurfacing only fills in small voids, not larger ones. If there are large voids they’ll need to be filled with a product designed for that purpose. With a good product, you can make sure there are no huge cracks to resurface over.

Pour the resurfacing product

Resurfacing products are prepared according to the instructions on the packet. These products allow you to refresh old concrete surfaces without taking care of a full replacement. Concrete tints will allow you to add a little color to older concrete surfaces easily.

Pour the mix. Use a squeegee to spread the mix out. Then use a broom to add texture to the surface. The package instructions should have more information if there’s more involved.

At JK Industries, we know concrete. We’ve dealt with all different types of concrete issues. We can help you effectively resurface your concrete and make a new surface that will stand up to the traffic you see. Contact us today to find out more.