Does your building need tuckpointing?

If your masonry joints are starting to recede, crumble or just flat disappear, you need tuckpointing.

Masonry is a durable, time-honored construction method. But it’s not infallible. If it’s not properly maintained, masonry will fail, causing facades or even whole buildings to crumble.

Bricks and stone are extremely durable materials, but the mortar that fills in between them is much less durable. It’s the most likely failure point for any masonry construction. It’s extremely important to keep that mortar in good shape.

Why you need tuckpointing

Old mortar will wear down over time. If you’ve looked at an older brick building, you’ve probably noticed that the mortar isn’t flush with the face of the brick. That receding of the mortar is due to weathering. Wind, rain and other environmental factors will scrub surface layers off with each passing year.

Chunks of mortar can break away if water is able to seep in and freeze. Or you might notice mortar flaking or falling away. Whatever the signs, if you notice any of these things it might be time to get an expert involved.

Mortar holds the bricks or stone of the masonry together, and when it begins to fail it creates new stress points that the wall was not designed for. In load-bearing construction this is an even worse problem. Most newer buildings only use masonry facades, but many older buildings are constructed entirely of brick or stone.

Broken or lost mortar over time will cause sections of wall to bow out and bricks or stone to loosen. That creates danger for anyone near the building, as a bowed wall could give way at any time. Loose bricks can fall and become a danger to passersby.

Tuckpointing is the solution.

How to make old mortar new

When you get your building tuckpointed, the contractor will remove old, crumbled mortar to about halfway through the joint. They’ll then come back with new mortar and fill in that gap, maintaining the structural integrity.

Mortar joints are not only important for structure, they’re important for the overall look of the building too. If you ignore tuckpointing you’re probably going to lose money on more extensive repairs. Your building will look worse. And you might even start dealing with structural issues.

A properly maintained masonry building needs regular tuckpointing. If you think your building is in need of a facelift, give JK Industries a call. We’ll take care of it.