Fix now or regret later: parking garage maintenance

 Is your parking garage in danger?

You won’t see a siren in the rearview mirror telling you it’s time to pull over. There’s no “Check Engine” light letting you know that something’s about to go badly wrong. But if you ignore critical areas of maintenance on your parking garage, you can deal with costly, expensive and dangerous problems down the road.

Investing in the initial building or purchase is only the beginning. Like with any investment, it takes money to make money, and your maintenance costs are part of keeping your building in good working order. Protect your investment with maintenance on these three crucial trouble spots.


Regularly evaluate slab surface conditions. Is there cracked or spalling concrete on the surface anywhere? How deep do the cracks go? Buckling can be a problem too and is typically a sign there’s a deeper issue.

Here’s the thing about concrete: it’s not just your concrete that you’re checking. The underlying structure is reliant on the concrete for both protection and load bearing. When the concrete becomes compromised, water can reach deep into structural steel or reinforcing rebar and rust it out, creating huge buckled areas, tension points and problems that can cause collapses in the future.

Take care of it before it starts by maintaining your slab.

Expansion joints

Expansion joints allow the different surfaces in your garage to expand, contract and generally move against each other. Over time the material wears out and can allow the elements in where they can wreak havoc on the inside of the slab or compromise the joint integrity.

Check your expansion joints and make sure they’re in good repair. Get them installed by a professional, as it’s important work and has implications for the overall stability of your structure.


Water is the enemy of just about every building. Check for standing water and areas that lack complete drainage, as these can cause trouble down the line. Parking garages should be built with drainage in mind and if you need more drainage options it’s worth consulting a professional to make sure you’re set up for success.

These three problem areas warrant immediate attention if you see a problem. If you see any issues, call in someone who knows what they’re doing to fix the problem. At JK Industries, we know how to deal with any cracks, waterproofing issues or other damage you might find. Let us keep your building structurally sound.