Don’t wait to fix your masonry

 There are plenty of other expenses and problems that you have to deal with in the course of running your business. You have a hundred other things to worry about. But this one problem could be costing you customers, hurting your bottom line, and leaving land mines for your future building repairs.

We’re talking about damaged masonry.

If you’ve walked past cracked or spalling mortar joints in your building for a while, you’ve seen the problem. But you may not know how much of a problem it can be—and how important it is that you get it fixed as soon as you can.

Why masonry matters

On the most basic level, masonry restoration matters whether your masonry is structural or aesthetic.


Because the condition of your building says a lot about the condition of your business—at least, to your customers. You may be providing a high-quality service or product, but what does it matter to them if your building looks crumbly and worn-down?

On another level, though, the condition of your masonry matters a lot for the health of your building, whether it’s structural or not. Masonry is part of a protective outer skin of materials that keep moisture out of the building. Though it’s not completely impervious, it’s an integral part of any system that helps keep your structure protected from the elements. And when it fails, problems are right around the corner.

Don’t delay repairs

Masonry joints are exposed to the elements, and those elements wear them down over time. Most joint sealants are only meant to last about five years, and since many contain organic materials, they break down slowly under exposure to UV light. When they fail, water can infiltrate the wall and begin the process of breaking down parts of your building that were never meant for exposure to the outside.

Cracks lead to more cracks. When water infiltrates, it begins to compromise joints, especially in the freeze-thaw cycle that takes up much of the winter. That water expands and contracts, shattering everything in its way.

Simply put, you’ll pay way more for neglecting a repair down the line than you will to fix it now.

Restoring masonry will keep this process from starting in the first place. And if your building has already been damaged, you can halt and reverse that process. Don’t neglect the outside of your building. Contact JK Industries if you’ve seen problems with your masonry—fix it now, not later. Your bottom line will thank you.