How parking garages are made safe

Concrete is the leading choice for construction in the United States because of its strength and durability, and it’s commonly used in parking garages. When you think about it, parking garages are pretty large structures and an interesting way to handle the need for lots of parking in not a lot of space. But if you’ve ever parked in one, you may have questioned if they’re really safe.There are a few different aspects of ensuring parking garages are made safe, both from a structural standpoint and in terms of their daily use.

Using the right design and materials

Concrete parking garages can be constructed with precast concrete or cast-in-place concrete, both of which create an incredibly strong final product. But the overall design of the parking structure factors into its structural integrity in the long run, in addition to the materials used. 

Parking garages, like any large structure, will move over time due to settling of the ground beneath, wind, or seismic activity. It’s important that a parking garage be designed by someone with the proper expertise to ensure safety when these shifts occur.

Installing clear signage and proper lighting

Some parking garages can have extremely tight turns and two-way traffic, which can lead to accidents if drivers aren’t paying attention as they navigate the garage. Clear signage both on the surface of the driving lanes and overhead can help reduce the risk of accidents as it will help people clearly know which way to go. 

Proper lighting is another important safety feature for people using the garage, both when driving and when walking to adjoining buildings. Lighting helps with overall visibility and helps people get safely to and from their car. 

Keeping up with maintenance and cleaning

Maintenance is a critical aspect of ensuring the safety of parking garages. This includes regular inspections to watch for any deteriorating concrete, pooling water, or other signs of damage that could impact the structural integrity of the garage. But it also includes things like applying coatings to the driving surface to reduce damage from salt and chemicals and applying coatings to pedestrian walkways to reduce the chance of slips and falls. 

At JK Industries, we offer a wide range of parking garage services for both maintenance and restoration to help ensure the ongoing safety of the structure. Have questions? Contact us today.

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