When should you use sand blasting?

Sandblasting is an effective way of cleaning any hard surface quickly and completely. But it’s also known by another name—abrasive cleaning. Similar to power washing, sandblasting is the use of sand or another granule with high-pressure air to remove grime, paint, or even wall coverings like stucco from brick, concrete, or other hard surfaces.

Basics of sandblasting

When sandblasting, there are few rules to keep in mind to ensure a safe working environment and an effective sandblasting job. That includes assessing how much dust will be created once the sandblasting process begins, using the proper safety equipment, and understanding proper use of sandblasting equipment for indoor or outdoor projects.

Sandblasting is often used to help remove dust, grime, or other coating materials from exposed brickwork and concrete. It’s a powerful cleaning tool, but that power also means it should be used with caution to avoid damaging the surface.

Sandblasting for removal

One helpful thing about sandblasting is how customizable it can be. By adjusting the granule material and size and adjusting the air pressure, sandblasting can transition from a cleaning method to a removal method.

For example, sandblasting can be used to remove stucco or other plasters from hard surfaces.
You can also use use sandblasting methods to remove paint. Research shows using sandblasting to remove paint can improve how well a new coat of paint adheres due to how well sandblasting removes the old paint from the surface.

Things to keep in mind

While sandblasting is a great tool, there’s a proper way it should be done that takes into consideration the surface you’re cleaning, the safety of anyone in the immediate area, and in some cases, environmental regulations. Improper use of sandblasting can cause significant damage to a hard surface as well as result in injury.

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