Water infiltration in commercial basements

Water is really good at finding tiny little cracks in concrete and seeing how far it can travel through those cracks. If you have a basement in your commercial building, chances are you’re going to have water infiltration at some point in time. The age of your building can increase the likelihood of water infiltration, especially in the absence of proper waterproofing.

Signs of water infiltration in basements

Water infiltration in commercial basements can be due to foundation issues or other below-ground leaks. Below-ground leaks can occur due to poor drainage around the building, insufficient gutter systems, or simply a high water table.

Some signs that could mean you have a water problem and maybe a foundation problem, too, include:

  • Cracks in the foundation
  • High humidity in the basement
  • Marks or staining on the concrete
  • Water on the walls
  • Mold on the walls or floor
Identifying the source of water

The first step to resolving water issues in a commercial basement is to identify where the water is coming from. Infrared thermography is an excellent tool to use for detecting such leaks because it highlights areas of different temperatures. Moisture results in a different temperature, which means it’s visible on an infrared camera.

A visual inspection of your basement combined with infrared thermography should be able to identify the source of the water and whether it’s seeping up from below, coming through the walls, or coming from above.

Fixing the problem and preventing additional leaks

The next step is to fix the immediate problem that’s allowing water into your commercial basement. If it’s a below-ground leak issue, trenching is the most common method to fix it. A trench is dug around the entire building perimeter, and then any cracks or spalling in the concrete can be repaired and the entire surface coated with a waterproofing material. If the source of water is due to a foundation issue, additional work may be required to repair the foundation and prevent further water damage.

If you suspect water infiltration in your commercial basement, contact JK Industries, Inc., to discuss how we can help identify, repair, and prevent water infiltration.

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