Are concrete walls expensive to maintain?

Concrete is a popular material for commercial building facades, as well as retaining walls and other outdoor surfaces. One of the reasons for its popularity is lower labor costs to build compared to steel, but many people wonder if concrete is expensive to maintain.

Overall, concrete is easily and inexpensively maintained as long as it’s installed and cared for properly.


Regular cleaning of concrete helps remove dirt, grime, and mold that may occur on an exterior concrete surface. Routine cleaning can also remove rust or other stains from the concrete.

As with any surface cleaning, be sure to choose the right exterior cleaning method and test a small area to ensure the selected method doesn’t damage the surface.

Crack repair

Concrete may crack over time as the ground beneath it shifts or it’s exposed to extreme weather conditions. It’s important to regularly inspect your concrete exterior for any cracks. Some cracks can signal larger foundation concerns, while minor cracks simply require sealing to prevent water infiltration.

Joint sealing

Any joints in a concrete wall present an opportunity for water to infiltrate the wall, which can quickly cause serious damage. Joint sealing is one of the most important maintenance tasks for concrete walls to help prevent water infiltration. It can also help prevent dirt and grime from collecting in any open joints, which can make cleaning more difficult over time.

Surface sealing

Sealing the entire surface of concrete walls may seem like an unnecessary expense up front, but it can make a significant difference in maintenance costs over time. Specialty coatings on concrete can help prevent surface stains, resist UV damage, and repel water.

With basic cleaning and regular crack repair and sealing, concrete walls are relatively inexpensive to maintain. And routine maintenance is certainly much less expensive than fixing major problems caused by water infiltration.

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