Removing mold and other stains from stucco exterior

Traditional stucco and EIFS exteriors can be used in multiple styles of buildings. Traditional stucco is often found in historic buildings, while EIFS (exterior insulation and finish system) is a more modern choice. Both create a classic exterior look and can be customized to fit a particular style.

Like many other exterior surfaces, wear and tear from sun, rain, hail, and temperature changes can damage the surface and make it more susceptible to mold or other stains.

Identify the source of the stain

Stucco stains can occur due to water pooling on the surface or overgrown vegetation coming in contact with the surface. Vegetation can leave green stains or dirt behind, but it can also trap water on the surface and lead to mold. Before you can remove the stain, it’s important to identify the type of stain to know what type of cleaner to use.

Inspect the surface for chipping or flaking

Stucco exteriors can chip, flake, or peel due to wear and tear over time. Before cleaning stains, it’s important to inspect the surface to identify any chipping, flaking, or peeling. If the surface is already showing signs of wear, you will want to use extra caution when cleaning and then plan to repair and seal the surface once it’s fully cleaned.

Choose your cleaning method

In most cases, a pressure sprayer with water is sufficient to clean a stucco exterior. However, too much pressure from a sprayer can damage the surface, especially if it’s already chipping or flaking. When using a pressure sprayer, start with the lowest pressure possible and increase only as needed to remove the stains.

Some stains, especially mold or vegetation stains, may require the use of a cleaning product made for stucco. As with any cleaning method, it’s best to start with the mildest option available and increase strength as needed. It’s also a good idea to test the cleaning solution on a small inconspicuous spot and let it dry fully before using it on a larger area.

Consider options to prevent future staining

Regular cleaning, rerouting gutters to avoid water contact with the stucco, and trimming back vegetation are the easiest ways to prevent future staining. However, in some cases, a sealant may be needed to repair any flaking areas and prevent stains or further damage.

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