Critical maintenance for parking garages

Parking garages are more than a place to park a car. They are essential for alleviating traffic congestion and allowing access to area business and organizations.

If you own a parking garage, the investment into the initial purchase or build is just the first step. Protecting your investment with a consistent maintenance plan is the next one.

Here are some critical components of parking garage maintenance.

Proper Drainage

The damage caused by water to structures, including parking garages, are costly and labor intensive to repair. To prevent this, plan proper drainage before you notice problems.

Standing water, which can penetrate the surface of the parking garage and cause deterioration, can be prevented by installing appropriate drains. Look for areas that lack the slope to drain water. Meet with a professional to determine where drains and inlets can be installed to divert the water.

Expansion Joint Repair

Expansion joints in parking garages allow for the expansion and contraction of surfaces due to weather and wear. Over time these joints can wear out or fail and need replacement.

When replacing an expansion joint, it’s important to consider the construction of the parking garage. Depending upon the construction, a variety of expansion joint systems exist to fit your need. However, it is essential these be installed by a professional experienced in working with the construction and engineering considerations of parking garages.

Slab Repair

Since parking garages are composed of concrete slabs, regularly evaluating surface conditions is important. Look for signs of flaking, cracking, or buckling.

It is important to note that these concrete slabs are composed of more than just concrete. Post tension provides structure for the slabs. So, repairs may include more than concrete repair and become structural in nature. Exposed post tension coming out of the structure should be repaired as soon as possible.

To prevent some of these costly repairs, coatings can be applied to surfaces to prevent deterioration from traffic and weather. These coatings repel water, protect the concrete surface, and can even be slip resistant.

We would be happy to help you develop a long-range plan for continuous preventative maintenance for your parking garage or any other structure. Contact us for more information.

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