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Waterproofing the parts you don’t see

By Jake Barnhart | May 6, 2019

What happens when a building loses structural integrity?

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Staying on top of building maintenance

By Jake Barnhart | Apr 29, 2019

 Mankind has been building structures for millennia, creating buildings that in some cases still stand today. We can see a tribute to the permanence of stone, brick, and concrete in the architecture of the Romans and the Greeks, some of which still stand today.  Though materials and techniques change, not everything does. Steel and glass…

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Why you should use a concrete sealer

By Jake Barnhart | Apr 22, 2019

 You’ve just finished that beautiful new slab of concrete. It’s perfect—smooth and pristine. It’s done, right? Not quite. Did you know that you need to seal your concrete before the job is finished? Without sealer, raw concrete tends to pick up moisture, which can cause the surface to crack, spall, or scale. In severe cases…

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Will EIFS raise your insurance premiums?

By Jake Barnhart | Apr 15, 2019

 You’ve probably heard the horror stories. They’ve gone around the industry a few times, and if you’re thinking about using EIFS, someone may have offered you a variant of the following story: “I heard about someone who got EIFS on the outside of their building, and it trapped all the moisture in. Then they had…

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Sandblasting commercial buildings: when, where, why?

By Jake Barnhart | Apr 8, 2019

 Over time, commercial buildings build up a patina and a layer of dirt and grime that can look unsightly to visitors. Some buildings are coated in paint that may not have originally been there, and that paint eventually needs to be removed. Whether you’re a new builder owner or a long-time owner, you might be…

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Tools of the trade – concrete restoration

By Jake Barnhart | Apr 1, 2019

 What does it take to restore your concrete? If your concrete is spalling or cracking, or if you’ve been having issues with structural integrity, it’s time to give it some TLC. To do that, though, you need the right tools for the job. Here are a few common tools used in concrete restoration. Pressure washer…

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The importance of joint sealing

By Jake Barnhart | Mar 25, 2019

 If you’ve been inside a commercial building recently, you’ve probably been inside a structure made of water-resistant concrete. Water-resistant concrete structures are extremely common, but they also have an extremely common fail point: the joints. A poorly installed joint system in a water-resistant concrete structure is an immediate fail point. When water begins to leak…

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What is concrete restoration?

By Jake Barnhart | Mar 18, 2019

 Concrete lasts forever, right? After all, there are still concrete buildings and aqueducts from ancient Rome that are with us today.  But concrete doesn’t really last forever. Concrete is durable and long-lasting, but it does require maintenance and care if you’re going to keep it structurally sound and looking good.  What if that maintenance has…

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Parking lots vs. parking garages

By Jake Barnhart | Mar 11, 2019

 Where is everyone going to park? Countless business owners have wondered this when looking at a new location. Apartment complexes, shopping centers, downtown buildings… everything in a modern city requires parking, and if you don’t have it, you’re probably hurting your business. So if you’re considering parking, should you go for a parking lot or…

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