Clean up your parking garage

You wouldn’t go to a client meeting in dirty old clothes, or leave your store or office in a state of filth, or leave a bad first impression with someone you thought might be a customer. But you might be doing that same thing with your parking garage.

The parking garage is probably the first thing your customer sees of your business. Does yours give a good first impression?

There are a few areas you can keep track of that will help.


A parking garage is going to get dirty over time, and there’s no real way to keep it entirely spotless. But you can make inroads.

Leaves and debris can gather up in corners and on grates. Trash builds up when people litter. The dirt and grime from constant vehicle traffic make their mark as well. If you don’t stay on top of these, they can quickly get out of hand.

That’s to say nothing of the damage that grease and dirt can do to the parking garage surface itself. Over time the wear and tear can take off surface coatings and allow harsh chemicals through to the concrete below, eventually even making it possible for water to penetrate to the vulnerable steel.

Keeping the parking garage clean is the first step to getting off on the right foot with your customers.


Water stains and standing water are a bad sign. Aside from the issues of leaving puddles for people to walk through, they can be signs of improper drainage or even leakage. Staining can make people think you don’t maintain your garage. And if you see rust, it’s especially bad! That can mean that internal structural steel or concrete reinforcing rebar are rusting out, which is both expensive and bad for structural integrity.


You need a proactive plan in place to keep your garage surfaces sealed so they repel water and chemicals. You also need to make sure that your lines, arrows and other important markings are clearly visible and not wearing off.


What about your stairs and/or elevator? When people enter and leave your garage, they should still have the same good impression they did when inside. Make sure these are included in your cleaning and maintenance plans. Replace light bulbs, clean surfaces, repaint and make sure everything looks the way it should.

You need to put everything in your parking garage on a regular maintenance walk-through schedule to find trouble areas. Make sure you’re taking care of this vital part of your first impression. And if you’re not sure what to do or need help, talk to us today. We’ll help you fix and maintain the curb appeal of your parking garage.