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Protecting the Future, Preserving the Past

Archive for November 2019

Protecting outdoor high-traffic surfaces

Are you doing enough to safeguard your property? “Sure,” you might say. “I make sure my masonry is in good shape. My buildings stay clean and neat and free of graffiti. My property is tidy.”

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Finding a commercial contractor you can trust

When you own a commercial building, you’re taking on a tremendous responsibility. You have to make sure you keep up with the maintenance and repair costs, as well as anything else that comes up. If you don’t know what you’re doing it can be easy to get out of your depth. That’s why having a trustworthy commercial contractor to count on is a great move.

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Keeping water out of your historic buildings

Historic buildings provide their own set of challenges to owners. More codes apply to them. They’re harder to work on, and often require special materials and more expensive work. And because they’re older, issues tend to come with the territory.

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