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Protecting the Future, Preserving the Past

Archive for July 2019

Should you get your mortar repaired?

Is your masonry in good shape?
Tuckpointing, or the process of replacing old and worn-out mortar with new mortar, is one of the key procedures in keeping old masonry up to standard. But if you’re trying to schedule a time to get it done, when is the best chance to have it done right? What does it take to get your mortar tuckpointed correctly?

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Solving your graffiti problems

Has your business had problems with graffiti? No one’s excited about showing up to work and finding a fresh new tag on the side of the building. It’s unsightly for your customers, it’s a pain to remove, and you have to deal with it quickly to keep up your business’s reputation.

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How hail hurts your commercial building

It’s storm season in Oklahoma, and that means hail. Hail doesn’t just leave dimples on your car and broken shingles on your roof—it can cause surprising damage to your commercial building as well. It’s a powerful destructive force.

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