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Protecting the Future, Preserving the Past

Archive for March 2019

The importance of joint sealing

 If you’ve been inside a commercial building recently, you’ve probably been inside a structure made of water-resistant concrete. Water-resistant concrete structures are extremely common, but they also have an extremely common fail point: the joints. A poorly installed joint system in a water-resistant concrete structure is an immediate fail point. When water begins to leak…

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What is concrete restoration?

 Concrete lasts forever, right? After all, there are still concrete buildings and aqueducts from ancient Rome that are with us today.  But concrete doesn’t really last forever. Concrete is durable and long-lasting, but it does require maintenance and care if you’re going to keep it structurally sound and looking good.  What if that maintenance has…

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Parking lots vs. parking garages

 Where is everyone going to park? Countless business owners have wondered this when looking at a new location. Apartment complexes, shopping centers, downtown buildings… everything in a modern city requires parking, and if you don’t have it, you’re probably hurting your business. So if you’re considering parking, should you go for a parking lot or…

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EIFS over brick: Should you do it?

 EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems) is commonly used in new construction. But when it comes to retrofits, you might hesitate. Is it possible to install EIFS over the outside of a brick building or a brick veneer? What exactly is EIFS? When you’re debating EIFS for a building, it’s important to understand exactly what…

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