February 2019

That nice new slab of concrete looks pretty good right now, doesn’t it? But fast forward a few years and it might not. Depending on the environment in which it’s installed, the ratio of ingredients in the mix, the time allowed for it to dry when poured, and many other factors, that concrete can chip, crack, and crumble over time.

Posted February 18, 2019


While concrete rot does occur, the specifics as to what is actually happening vary. Concrete rot in many cases is diagnosed as the steel reinforcement, or rebar, corroding and expanding inside the concrete itself. A professional inspection is the best way to figure out what is happening and how to fix it, but here are a few things that can cause concrete rot.

Posted February 11, 2019


Concrete is a versatile construction material. It can even be used as decorative flooring, which is where finishing comes into play. What exactly does it mean to finish concrete? Finishing is the step in the setting process that gives concrete a certain color and texture.

Posted February 4, 2019