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Protecting the Future, Preserving the Past

Archive for July 2018

Why concrete is reinforced with steel

Many years ago, buildings were primarily built with stone. But stone is heavy, must be transported long distances, and must be cut to size from a larger piece of stone. With the invention of concrete in 1849 came the ability to create building blocks of different sizes and shapes at the building location rather than hauling stone to the site.

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When is tuckpointing necessary?

Over time, mortar joints in a brick building can deteriorate and allow water to seep into your building. If left unchecked, water infiltration can cause significant damage over time.

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The tools of masonry restoration

Masonry restoration is a pretty broad category that includes cleaning, sealing, repairing mortar, and even tearing down and rebuilding sections of masonry. Basically, masonry restoration is any work on a building that’s already standing, as opposed to masonry work to actually build that building.

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Four steps to resurfacing concrete

Concrete is the most widely used construction material in the world, but it’s still a porous material that can be damaged by moisture, deterioration, chemicals, and weather.

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