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Protecting the Future, Preserving the Past

Archive for June 2018

Limestone cleaning and sealing

Limestone is a beautiful and iconic stone that’s popular for buildings, walkways, stairs, patios, and pool and deck landings. It’s certainly a stone that can stand the test of time, but it also can stain, discolor, or be damaged due to dirt, grime, moisture, and deterioration.

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Four ways water infiltration causes damage

Water can infiltrate a building in any number of ways—through a leaky roof, improperly sealed windows, cracks in the walls, or leaks from pipes inside the building. Anyone who has ever experienced a water infiltration issue knows how quickly water can cause major problems.

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Can mold grow on concrete?

At some point in life, we’ve probably all experienced mold growing on food and maybe wood or other materials that have started to mold. But can mold grow on a hard surface like concrete?

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Are stucco and EIFS the same?

A critical piece of knowing how to restore a building’s exterior is being able to identify exactly what type of materials were used. While stucco and EIFS exteriors look extremely similar, they are dramatically different materials.

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