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Protecting the Future, Preserving the Past

Archive for April 2018

Repairing cracked concrete

Like many outdoor surfaces, concrete weathers a lot of elements: wind, rain, freezing water, heat, sunlight, and more. Concrete installed under the wrong conditions or with an incorrect ratio of materials tends to crack sooner, but even the best concrete installation can crack over time.

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Removing mold and other stains from stucco exterior

Traditional stucco and EIFS exteriors can be used in multiple styles of buildings. Traditional stucco is often found in historic buildings, while EIFS (exterior insulation and finish system) is a more modern choice. Both create a classic exterior look and can be customized to fit a particular style.

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Key considerations for masonry rehabilitation

Cracked or crumbling masonry can lead to water infiltrating a building. Once water finds its way inside, you can end up dealing with wet floors, mold, damaged sheet rock and paint, and stained ceiling tiles.

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The benefits of concrete densifiers

Concrete densifiers are applied to a concrete surface to fill the pores of the concrete and make it less permeable to stains. They are a water-based chemical solution that penetrates the surface of the concrete and reacts chemically with the concrete to increase its density and strength. Densifiers can be used on both polished and unpolished concrete.

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