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Protecting the Future, Preserving the Past

Archive for January 2018

Early signs of a leak in your building

A leak in your commercial building can be disastrous if not caught early, whether that leak comes from the roof or somewhere in the plumbing of the building. Regular building inspections and thorough maintenance for all systems are important steps in preventing leaks.

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What’s the benefit of sandblasting?

Sandblasting is a technique that involves projecting small pieces of material at high speeds to clean or smooth a surface. When used correctly, it’s a great method for cleaning a variety of imperfections from surfaces. There are certainly some risks with using any cleaning method improperly, but there are many benefits to sandblasting.

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An overview of common types of coatings

When it comes to protecting your building and exterior surfaces, there are many options available for coatings, all of which have slightly different uses. The applications of those coatings are different, too, which means proper training in correct application is important.

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Removing and preventing rust stains on concrete exteriors

Rust stains on concrete exteriors can make your building look unsightly. Those stains can come from a number of places, including water dripping on the concrete or metal tools or other materials left on the concrete. Rust can also occur simply based on the materials used in the concrete.

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