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Protecting the Future, Preserving the Past

Archive for December 2017

Choosing the right exterior cleaning method

Commercial buildings can take a beating over time, and the exterior facade can start to show dirt, staining, or other markings. Whether light or dark, brick or concrete, limestone or stucco, the exterior of your building will need to be cleaned periodically to keep it looking its best and to help identify any needed repairs.

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Commercial building restoration and insurance compliance

There are lots of reasons to stay on top of commercial building maintenance and restoration, including saving money by catching problems early, conducting maintenance at planned intervals rather than during emergency situations, and keeping your building in good working order.

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Expansion joint sealing and waterproofing

While most people don’t notice it on a day-to-day basis, buildings are constantly moving. This can happen due to things like the ground below the building settling over time, winds exerting force on a tall building, or temperature fluctuations that cause the building materials to expand or contract.

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How freezing water affects your building

Winter weather can create a wide range of challenges for commercial building maintenance, whether the water in question is falling from the sky in some frozen form or coming from a frozen pipe in your building. Here are a couple of ways freezing water can impact your building and how to prevent them.

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