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Protecting the Future, Preserving the Past

Archive for March 2017

Getting rid of unsightly efflorescence

Have you ever noticed a chalky white powder on the walls of your building? No, it’s nothing nefarious. You’re seeing efflorescence, an issue that is common with any type of masonry. This substance is the result of moisture reacting with minerals in the masonry. Moisture moves through the porous masonry and leaves deposits on the…

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The dangers of rust jacking

When we talk about the damage that water can do to your building, rust jacking is the most severe outcome in regard to steel reinforced structures. Rust jacking is what happens when a little water problem becomes an urgent structural problem that you cannot ignore. In this post, we’re going to talk about what rust…

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Causes and solutions for receding mortar

Worn or damaged joints are a problem for any masonry structure, from the modern EIFS façade to the brick walls of a historic townhouse. If left unrepaired, cracked mortar will lead to more severe damage that ends up costing more to repair down the line. The mechanics of mortar deterioration During spring, the walls of…

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Three red flags for concrete parking structures

Every day, millions of Americans walk to their cars past signs of decaying concrete in the parking structures that they use. For building owners, these wounds are a sign that it may be time to make repairs. Parking garages are subject to a variety of stresses that wear on concrete over time. Along with seismic…

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