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Protecting the Future, Preserving the Past

Archive for February 2017

How weather fluctuation can damage your building

Did you know that in 1911, Oklahoma experienced record high and low temperatures in the same day? That was the Great Blue Norther of November 11, and today our state continues to experience massive temperature swings. Oklahoma typically experiences 40- to 50-degree temperature swings between seasons. In our industry we talk about thermocycles, which occur…

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Commercial masonry restoration

We often get calls from building owners or managers when the masonry veneer of their building has become cracked or is crumbling. That poses a structural risk to the rest of the masonry, as I’ll explain. But it’s also unsightly and usually unacceptable to any building occupant. This is particularly problematic with retail and food…

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Commercial below grade waterproofing

A very common issue with commercial buildings is water infiltration and deterioration of structural elements below ground. Unlike damage to masonry veneers, problems below the ground aren’t easily spotted in their early stages. Even a small leak can be indicative of a much larger structural or moisture related issue. Any damage to the foundation or…

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Standing the test of time

To the untrained eye, not much seems to change about the office buildings, medical buildings or parking garages that we see around us every day. Look closer and you’ll see that, over the years, all types of architectural surfaces become fatigued, deteriorated, and stained simply by being exposed to the elements of weather. That’s where…

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